Alicitism is the third of the five propositions of Schenetic Empiricism. It refers to the increase in variance of measurements as the size of the measurements decreases.

History Edit

Under low-noise conditions, and using precision tools, Rik Gänswein first discovered Alicitism during his early work. While it contradicted knowledge of physics in his lifetime, it has since been extensively verified, though a complete model still does not exist.

Effects Edit

The macroscopic world is largely constant. Precision measurements at a meter's length vary by no more than one thousandth of a percent, but at microscopic levels variance increases dramatically. Variance does not break the 1% mark until measurements much smaller than our cells. It is widely believed that a world with more extreme Alicitism would not be able to support life.

Distance and mass have been shown to vary at approximately the same rate. Whether other basic qualities vary, such as charge and energy, and at what rate, remains contested.

A Practical Example Edit

Suppose that you, the student, are in a portico or loggia, in a setting where Alicitism is quite extreme. You can observe the distance between the columns growing and shrinking as the Alicitism expresses its nature on space (and, less obviously, upon the Massive Aether). You are also provided with a meter-stick, with which you can measure distance.

In the natural world, you would be unable to survive in such an environment, as the size and mass of your organs and frame would constantly be changing.

As an exercise, you measure the distance as it ebbs and flows. A number of measurements are found for the distance between the columns - naturally, all these measurements differ by some degree. After a number of measurements, you have discovered the range in which these values occur. You might suspect that the maximum of this range would simply be d(1+a) and the minimum d(1-a), but oh! of course, the meter-stick is being changed by Alicitism as well. Fortunately, the magnitude of the Alicitism may still be found, by the following equations:

M, m for Alicitism

- Grynaeus of Koina