History Edit

This book was written in the early ages of horticultural studies by an unknown author. The most poignant excerpt is as follows:

"As I further my studies of the horticultural nature, I begin to realize that my knowledge of this most interesting specimen of botanicula is lacking. The only data I could gather on the Crocust is that it has a particular smell that seems to create the illusion of olfactorial sense rather than have an odor of its own. This is not altogether a marvel, as the Flouncing Kombitolus is also known to create illusions of the visual kind. A curiosity: regarding the combination of the two genera with particular chemical modifications, there could be produced an intriguing type of intoxicant. How best would they interact? More data must be gathered.

If a plant could be used to induce a visual and olfactory illusory vision for a person, who is to limit us from expanding the boundaries of a person's worldly perspectives? For our own experiences are what make the contexts for our thoughts and regards to data we collect in our everyday lives. What hypotheses could we encounter under the thoughts that we are fish or some sort of color? How would one experience an olfactory or visual sensation in relation to understand the world as a non-organism? If there were a way to align the Crocust and Flouncing Kombitolus in a way that produced a repeatable effect in multiple people, there could be some interesting data produced.

Perhaps there are more plants of this illusory nature."

This document began research into the creation of the drug trade in the capitol as well as a period of increased militancy of the state.

Importance Edit

With specific slight chemical modifications, the combination of the Crocust and the Flouncing Kombitolus can create a hallucinogenic state wherein the person who has imbibed is both in a fantastical realm of the sort created by the specific dosage of each plant. For example, increased Crocust in the concoction is more likely to lend itself to a person envisioning that they are more real and they begin to perceive a great deal about the world. Persons on a concoction of this nature are known to be highly capable of noticing every detail of the surrounding world. In a room, they would look and know the nature and contents of the room without difficulty. They are also more prone to hyperperception, where they find the world so real, they begin to feel crushed by the presence of other persons and specifically, pugs.

With an increased concentration of Flouncing Kombitolus, a person begins to envision a loss of reality (leading to countless "prophetic visions" prior to the characterization of the concoction).

However, many unfortunate people have stumbled upon the realization that while in concert, these genera are not toxic, they cause a painful death when consumed individually.