The Baloc, sometimes simply "Baloc", refers to a phenomenon or putative entity associated with the hallucinogen known as the Alignment (as derived from the name of the text in which it was first described). The Baloc appears with surprising regularity in texts of the St. Montaigne Delta describing the experiences of those under the influence of the Alignment.

Description Edit

The Baloc is typically described as a man or woman with pale, bluish skin, three eyes, and leaves of Salix Argentum in place of hair. Other details vary between descriptions - sometimes it is unclad, sometimes wrapped in thick furs; sometimes it is rotund, sometimes gaunt. Those who have seen it almost universally report a feeling of ease and calm in its presence.

Notable Sightings Edit

The sage Mertroci wrote that the Baloc stole several important genealogical records from his archive. Modern historians tend to agree that Mertroci burned these documents himself.

Duchess Tollia, called the "Inspired Duchess" due to her fondness for the Alignment, claimed that she received wise council from the Baloc on several occasions.

The Oracle of Quinta is said to have received certain visions from the Baloc, which they believed to be a spirit of the underworld.

Recent archaeological digs in the Delta region have uncovered small statues which could depict the Baloc. If so, they would represent the earliest record of this creature's activity.

- Noema, the Lucent