Background Edit

The concept of Bottled Nemesis (ˈbätled neməsis') was introduced by the infamous political leader Del Sur. It is mostly found in liquid form, though gaseous Bottled Nemesis is not uncommon. In spite of the intimidating name, the substance itself is benign until imbibed in its liquid form. When imbibed in liquid form by a human being, the person will immediately punch the nearest person they see in the face. If there is no one immediately available to be punched in the face, they will seek out a person and proceed to punch them in the face. There does not appear to be any discrimination between ages, genders, sexes, or physical features as far as who is affected the most significantly nor is there an obvious moral impairment for punching children.

It is generally considered poor taste to partake of this liquid. However, during the Urmam Cet there will sometimes be people tricked into drinking Bottled Nemesis while surrounded by their friends and neighbors.

Behavioral Modifications Edit

When under the influence of Bottled Nemesis, the imbiber will most often lose all sense of morality and self and simply become a mindless punching machine. Upon completion of the face punch, they will return to their former selves with no knowledge of the punching event.

Dosage Edit

This can occur at any volume imbibed, there does not appear to be a discrepancy between small or large doses. Until the action has been carried out, the imbiber will not be negatively affected by additional doses of Bottled Nemesis. Once the punch has been made, any further imbibing will induce the trance-like punching state.

Gaseous form Edit

The gas does not appear to have any sort of effect on people who are exposed to it until it condensates into liquid form in the nasal cavity. When this occurs, the person will then proceed as if they had imbibed it. The same is true for the solid state. It is not uncommon to prank people using frozen, cubed, doses of Bottled Nemesis