Welcome to the Argent Chronicle.

Firstly, the rules of Lexicon can be found here.

In short: on each turn, we will address a letter of the alphabet. Each of us will write a brief article (the Rules suggest 100-200 words) on a subject of our choice, beginning with that letter, that in some way relates to our subject (The Decline and Fall of the Experimental Duchies of the Saint Montaigne Delta). For example, your article might be on a particular Duchy, a Duke or Duchess, the Delta, an economic product, a disease, a philosophy, a war, a document, or any number of other things. Your subject might be of critical relevance to the overall topic, or it might be a curiosity, a historical footnote.

In your first article (for the letter A), you should make two citations to articles that have not yet been written (that is, articles starting with B or a later letter). In future rounds, you should also make a citation to a previous article.

In particular, your citations should be to articles that other scholars will write or have written, not to your own articles. When selecting the article you wish to write for a given letter (other than A), you may select one with an appropriate name that another scholar has cited but that has not yet been written, or you may come up with your own.

Therefore, to begin: Edit

First, create a scholar page. This is just a new wiki page, with the category "Scholar" (which can be added from the menu on the bar at the top of the editing window). At the moment, it can just serve as a name to sign your articles with and a repository for your work on the Chronicle. In future, you may wish to expand it with a brief biography.

Next, decide on an article you wish to write.

(If you wish, you may claim it on the main page of the wiki, by linking the unwritten article in the designated space. This isn't so important at the moment, but when later on there are already-cited articles to claim, this will serve as a place to declare your interest in writing a specific article, so no one else writes it instead of you.)

Then, create a new page on the wiki, and write your article. Remember to cite some articles that haven't been written yet. Sign it as your Scholar. Link to it on the main page, under "Current Proceedings".

Feel free to add new categories as desired (for example, to create the category Scholar, I created a new page with the title Category:Scholar, then added a brief description of the category).